On the trail and looking for a great meal? The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail offers a variety of restaurants along the trail from fine four course dinners to country-style homecooking and much more!

  • Giant City Lodge: After hiking all day through skyscraper high cliffs and exploring waterfalls and caves, fill your belly with country-style homecooking.  Banquet facilities available.
  • The Palace Pizzeria: Get a little uptown in downtown Cobden at the bridge! Award-winning pizza, delicious seafood and live entertainment on weekends!
  • Hedman Vineyard's Peach Barn Cafe: Unique Swedish cuisine, local wines, Swedish gift shop and friendly service all in a converted peach barn!
  • Kristofers at Von Jakob: Four course dinners every Friday & Saturday. Choose from any of our menu items for a complete dinner; soup, salad, entree and dessert.

New iPhone App


A companion app for visitors of the Shawnee Hills wine country of southern Illinois. It provides an interactive map for navigating 12 winery and vineyard destinations along the trail, as well as access to detailed information about each location.