Shawnee Hill Wine Trail Wineries


We invite you to visit the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, located in the rugged hills and dense forests of deep Southern Illinois.  Experience an authentic wine culture as you travel from winery to winery through some of the most beautiful countryside in the Midwest.  We offer twelve unique, friendly wineries dotting a well marked 40-mile wine trail.  Each boasts it own individual style, making the journey a pleasant adventure that will easily fill a long weekend getaway.

Along the way, have a picnic, go on a hike, visit a shop in one of the quaint towns or spend the night at one of the Wine Trail's many bed and breakfast lodges.  You can start the trail from either end, or jump on somewhere in the middle.  We urge you to plan your getaway today!


Owners of the Wine Trail


From Left:  Brad Genung, Karen Orlandini, Ron Presswood, JP Russell, George Majka, Stan Sknsklk, Brett Morrison, Barb Bush, Regina Morrison, Jim Ewers, Paul Jacobs, Paul Renzaglia (Anders Hedman, not shown)
                          Owl Creek           Orlandini               Hikory Ridge       Rustle Hill     Pomona            Honker Hill        Starview             Kite Hill           Starview                 Blue Sky      Von Jacob         Alto                    (Hedman's)