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We’re bubbling over with excitement!  The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is home to an amazing line of sparkling wines that offer vibrant flavors, expressive aromas and refreshing finishes.  Whether you’re looking to celebrate an occasion, need a great match for food or just want to try something different, sparkling wine is a great choice and we’re sure you’ll find one, or more, that you love on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail.  Enjoy a sneak peek at some of the sparkling wines that can be found at our wineries.  

Wichmann Vineyard:  Perle (Semi-Dry Niagara) – Fresh flavors of stone fruit and juicy grape are prominent in this crisp, estate grown bottle of bubbly. 

A great match for shellfish, salads and soft cheese.

Feather Hills Vineyard & Winery:  Vignoles Sec (Semi-Sweet Vignoles) – Luscious citrus flavors, tropical fruit aromas and a bright acidity make this wine perfect for sunny days. 

Enjoy with spicy dishes or chicken or grilled fish.

Feather Hills Vineyard & Winery:  Pink Bubbles (Dry Rosé) – Balanced and refreshing this sparkling wine showcases notes of ripe, red strawberries and red currants. 

Pair with chocolate, BBQ or smoked meats.

Blue Sky Vineyard:  Eclipse Crossroads (Semi-Dry Rosé) – Featuring aromas of ripe red berries, a vibrant color and a crisp finish, this Chambourcin bubbly rosé is produced from estate grown vines that will experience both eclipse events.  (August 21, 2017 & April 8, 2024). 

Treat yourself to a truly savory sensation by pairing white chocolate covered pretzels with this bottle of bubbles.

Blue Sky Vineyard:  Bolle (Sweet Blend) – A unique blend of Shawnee Hills white grapes, Bolle is guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds.  Enjoy aromas of honeysuckle and pear along with a crisp, intriguing finish. 

A great match for lemon mousse, salads and grilled fish.

Peachbarn Winery & Café:  Retro Fizz (Semi-Sweet Rosé) – This estate grown Chambourcin rosé displays notes of strawberries and raspberries that come alive in a bubbly party on your palate. 

Strawberry feta salad, strawberry cheesecake and watermelon & feta salads are all great matches to the far-out fizzy flavors of this fun wine.

Sparkling wines are unique and delightful.  They can be elegant and sophisticated or they can be invigorating and fun.  Enjoy an exhilarating tasting experience during your next visit to the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and try some of these brilliant bubblies during your journey.