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Passport Program

January 2, 2023 – February 28, 2023


Winter is a great time to enjoy the slower, quieter side of Illinois wine country and the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail has provided you with great incentives to do so.  Enjoy the excitement of visiting your favorite wineries, savoring their wines and SAVING BIG with great discounts on wine, merchandise, food and more during your January or February visit.

With your purchase of a winery passport, you will receive discounts at each of our member wineries and other area businesses.  What do you say?  Enjoy a week or weekend with us and join in the fun with our NEW passport adventure.

Purchase Your Passport

Purchase your passport online for $20.00 to begin your winter adventure. This is a DIGITAL passport.  Once purchased, you must print a copy and bring it with you during your visit. Passports are encoded with buyers information.  PURCHASE ONLY ONE PASSPORT PER NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS.  Passport information will be recorded at each business.  Passports are for one time use only.  **No refunds will be given for passport purchases.**

How It Works

Bring your passport to each Shawnee Hills Wine Trail winery and participating business.  Your passport will be stamped at each location you visit.  (One passport per person, per visit.  Each passport is valid for one time use at each winery or participating business.)

Winery Passport Deals & Discounts

Alto Vineyards:   

Blue Sky Vineyard: 

PeachBarn Winery: 

Feather Hills Vineyard: 

Owl Creek Vineyard: 

Kite Hill Vineyard: 

Honker Hill Winery:

Hickory Ridge Vineyard: 

StarView Vineyards: 

Von Jakob Vineyard:  

Pomona Winery: 

Local Business Passport Offerings

We absolutely love sipping, shopping and dining local. Continue your passport adventure and visit other local shops near the trail to enjoy additional savings along the way. Offers TBA

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