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Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse – April 8, 2024


Make your plans early to visit southern Illinois and enjoy the second of two total solar eclipses in our region.  On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will speed across the United States and the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is located on the path of totality.  Along the trail, you will see approximately 4 minutes and 9 seconds of totality.  That’s nearly double what we saw in August 2017.

2017-2024 Eclipse Path

The wineries of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail will offer unique opportunities prior to the eclipse on April 8th to help you round out your stay in southern Illinois.  Enjoy award-winning wines, wine dinners, music events and more leading up to the date of the event.  Many of our wineries also offer lodging opportunities or will allow parking for RV’s the weekend leading up to the eclipse.

We had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful new friends in 2017.  It was an absolutely extraordinary time.  We hope to see you again for the 2024 event. Be sure to check back often for updated events.

Alto Vineyards – Cosmic Crossroads Eclipse Events – April 5-8, 2024

Blue Sky Vineyard – Solar Eclipse Celebration – April 6-8, 2024

StarView Vineyards – Solar Eclipse Celebration – April 6-8, 2024

Peachbarn Winery & Café – Eclipse Viewing Party – April 8, 2024

Feather Hills Vineyard & Winery – Eclipse Weekend – April 6-8, 2024

Honker Hill Winery – Eclipse Music Event – April 7, 2024

Von Jakob Vineyard – Eclipse Party – April 5-8, 2024

Owl Creek Vineyard – Total Solar Eclipse at the Owl – April 8, 2024