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With so many different foods on your Thanksgiving table, finding the perfect wine to match your feast may seem overwhelming.  We know that you spend weeks planning and prepping to make the holiday run seamlessly.  From cleaning the house and Thanksgiving décor to setting the table and waking up early to place the turkey in the oven, the last thing you need to be stressed over is choosing the perfect wine.  Here are a few of our favorite pairings for Thanksgiving to help you choose the best wine for your table.

Chardonel is a versatile white wine that will stand up to the richness of your turkey and pair well with the other trimmings on the table.  Crisp apple and pear aromas that are common in Chardonel are a great match to the seasonal flavors on your table.

Rose` wines are fruit forward, refreshing and are incredibly food friendly.  They have enough acidity to stand up to heavier spices and flavors on your Thanksgiving table while still light enough to be enjoyed as an aperitif or after dinner wine.

Chambourcin is a food-friendly wine that works well with classic Thanksgiving fare.  It showcases medium tannins, cherry, plum and blackberry flavors and subtle notes of spice, that pairs nicely with the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme.

Traminette is one of the most aromatic white wines that you will find along the trail and its aromatic nature lends itself to foods with a bit of spice, like turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes.

Apple Wines, spiced or not are the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving table.  Showcasing light, refreshingly tart yet fruit-driven flavors, apple wines are great as an aperitif or matched with the turkey or pumpkin and pecan pies.

These are only a few suggestions that can be found along the trail.  Join us at our wineries and we can help to guide you through a wine tasting to find the best choice for you.  After all, the adventure of tasting new wines and discovery of new favorites is all part of the excitement.  Cheers!