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Touring & Tasting Tips

Composed of twelve wineries dotting a well marked 40-mile trail, each  Shawnee Hills Wine Trail winery offers their own individual style and winemaking techniques that make your journey a pleasant adventure through the hills of southern Illinois.  
Here are a few tips to help you navigate your journey.


Choose four to five wineries to visit in any one day.  This allows you ample time to learn something about each winery and experience their full tasting experience without overwhelming your palate.


Call ahead for large groups.  This will help our wineries to better prepare for your visit.


No alcohol of any kind may be brought onto winery premises.  If your tour company allows alcohol in the vehicle please be mindful of our policy and leave your beverages on the bus, limo or shuttle. 


Visibly intoxicated guests will not be served in accordance with the law, even if you are not driving.


Stay overnight and make the most of your visit.  Many of our wineries offer lodging options and there are many lodging opportunities along the trail from cabins, bed and breakfasts, hotels, inns and more to make your visit more enjoyable.  


Enjoy snacks and drink plenty of water in between or during your winery visits.  Many of our wineries offer a lunch menu or small snacks like cheese & crackers that will help absorb the vino that you are trying.  Remember, little tastes add up.  Snacking throughout the day will keep you from over-imbibing.


Visit during the slower season or during the week.  This will allow you more personalized service at the tasting bar and will allow more time to enjoy your tour more thoroughly.  You may even enjoy a private wine tasting with the winemaker.