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Wichmann Vineyard

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Wichmann Vineyard is more than just a place to drink wine. When owners Hanna Wichmann and Don Moberley decided to take on the challenging and rewarding business of grape growing and wine making, they envisioned a unique way of sharing wine with their customers.  They share a great passion for the land and vines to which they dedicate endless energy and care.  Hanna Wichmann, owner and winemaker, is the daughter of Ted Wichmann, one of the pioneers of grape growing and wine making in southern Illinois.  She loves seeing the annual life cycle of the vineyard and participating in the journey the vines make every year to produce outstanding wine. Hanna’s mission is to share this miraculous transformation with each customer she serves so they too can appreciate where their wine comes from.

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Friday – Sunday: Noon – 5:00pm


Phone: (618) 893-4004

Email: wichmannvineyard@gmail.com

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2655 Water Valley Road
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