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Wine Bucks

The 12 Wineries of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail – and participating Associate Members – have come up with a way to enjoy MAXIMUM FREEDOM while visiting the wonders of the Shawnee Hills.

Are you searching for that perfect gift? Or the Gift Card that has maximum useability? Wine Bucks ARE that perfect combination! You can buy in whatever denomination suits you… from $10.00 to Infinity (and beyond).

Every Wine Buck is as good as cash while visiting the Shawnee Hills Wine country. When you are at any of the 11 Shawnee Hills Wine Trail wineries or any of our participating Associate members (including B&B’s, restaurants, and more!), you can use them JUST LIKE CASH for their full face value.

(Full value of the wine buck must be used as each certificate has no cash value. Certificates may not be traded in for cash. No change will be given for wine bucks.)

$10.00 buys a $10 Wine Buck…Buy as many as you want! We ship them to you within 5 business days of your purchase. If you would like to mail wine bucks to an address other than your own please indicate their address in the “instructions to seller” area.

Participating Members


Alto Vineyards

Pomona Winery

Owl Creek Vineyard

Von Jakob Vineyard

PeachBarn Winery

Blue Sky Vineyard

StarView Vineyards

Kite Hill Vineyards

Feather Hills Vineyard

Hickory Ridge Vineyard

Honker Hill Winery

Wichmann Vineyard


Giant City Lodge

PeachBarn Café

Blue Sky Vineyard

StarView Vineyards

Alto Vineyard



Blue Sky Vineyard Suites

PeachBarn Suite

Makanda Inn

Von Jakob Vineyard

Havisham House

Havisham Bourbon Bar Suites


Havisham Bourbon Bar