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Why do wine & cheese partner so well?  Studies have shown that people enjoy eating items with an overall balanced mouthfeel.  Wine has tannins which can make your mouth feel dry and cause you to pucker, while the fat in cheese is oily and can create more of a slick feeling.  The flavors in wine and cheese oppose one another creating a more balanced mouthfeel and are therefore, a good match…..scientifically speaking that is.  Personally, we think that wine and cheese are a simply a delicious match.  They go together like ketchup and mustard or peanut butter and jelly.  One is simply better when complemented by the other.

The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail produces a wide array of wines that can be the perfect partner to your favorite cheese(s),  but with so many different options available, it can seem overwhelming trying to choose the best pairing.  We’ve taken all the guesswork out of trying to match your favorite Shawnee Hills wines.  Use the following pairing guide to pick your favorites.

Chambourcin – Cheddar, Camembert, Gruyere, Brie

Cabernet Franc – Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Gouda

Norton – Cheddar, Blue

Vignoles – Swiss, Blue

Seyval – Havarti, Brie, Goat, Chevre

Traminette – Gorgonzola, Blue, Muenster

If you are a fan of wine and cheese, be sure to join us for our annual Wine & Food Pairing Weekend:  Cheese-Not a Solo Act the first weekend of March.  Each winery creates delicious cheese or cheese infused dishes that showcase how cheese can play the perfect supporting role to our award-winning wines.  This is a great weekend to explore different styles of Illinois wine with many different, delicious and comforting cheese/cheese infused dishes.  Click Here for More Information