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Winery Sampling Fees

Like your experiences at each winery, sampling fees vary at each establishment. Many wineries include souvenir wine glasses with their sampling fee, while some offer glass deposits. Although tasting fees vary for our wineries, Illinois State Law requires that we charge for samples after a certain amount of wine is poured. We appreciate your understanding and consideration of this during your visit.

Alto Vineyards: 

6 wines for $5.00 with a souvenir wine glass.

Pomona Winery:

$4.00 for 9 wine samples.  Glass not included.

Owl Creek Vineyard:

$5.00 for 5 samples of wine or cider that includes 18.5oz glass or cider mug.

Cider flights also available.  Includes:  5 small glasses of cider and a snack on a paddle for $9.00

Von Jakob Vineyard:

$3.00 refundable glass deposit.

$2.00 for 5 (1 ounce) samples.

Peachbarn Winery & Café:

5 samples for $3.00

Blue Sky Vineyard:

$3.50 refundable glass deposit.

$2.50 for 5 (1/2 ounce) samples.

StarView Vineyards:

$3.00 refundable glass deposit

$5.00 for 5 samples

Kite Hill Vineyards:

Try up to six wines for $3.00.

Try all wines for $5.00.

Feather Hills: 

$5.00 for 5 samples and a souvenir wine glass

Hickory Ridge Vineyard:

$5.00 to taste all wines OR

$1.00 per 2 samples of wine

Honker Hill Winery

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