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Holiday meals wouldn’t be complete without a local wine by their side.  Check out some of our favorite Shawnee Hills Wine Trail wine and ham pairings, just in time for the holidays.

A favorite entrée for the season, ham, with its sweet-and-salty richness, pairs best with wines that have a touch of sweetness, a bit of acidity and bold fruit flavors.  Here are some of our favorites from the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail that pair perfectly with this savory meat.

Rosé –  Shawnee Hills Rosé wines are the perfect match.  A stunning pink wine with elegant flavors of strawberry, cherry, even citrus and floral, Rosé wines are a great match for, not only the ham, but whatever sides may grace your table this holiday season.

Traminette – A crisp, white wine with a wealth of flavor and zesty character, Traminette is a perfect match for the sweetness and saltiness of ham.  Light floral aromas and honeyed flavors of this wine make it a great pair for honey ham, seasoned with herbs and spices.

Chambourcin – Bright fruit flavors and a hint of spice make this an exciting wine for any palate.  A French-American hybrid, Chambourcin grapes are a staple variety for wineries in the Shawnee Hills and produce wines that showcase the unique qualities of our region.  Look for dry and semi-dry options to best pair with your feast.  Chambourcin is an especially fine match with smoked ham.

Seyval Blanc or Vidal Blanc – These tasty white wines feature layers of flavor and complexity that make any wine and food pairing more exciting.  With flavors ranging from apple and pear to pineapple and citrus, these wines offer refreshing aromas and flavors that pair extremely well with baked ham w/ pineapple garnish.

Kir – Based on a popular French bar drink, Kir is made from a blend of black currants and apples. The unique balance of tart and sweet makes this wine perfect for anything from light salads to hearty feasts.

Make this season special by featuring local wine and foods on your holiday table.  Cheers!